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You're One Of Us.

This morning I was thinking about my friends at the gym and it occurred to me that somehow, in my experience, I've been blind to the idea of racism (or exclusion in general) at the gym. That isn't to say it doesn't exist. I am white and in "gym" shape, so I am probably ignorant.

For that, I'm sorry. To all my friends and colleagues, I am truly sorry if I haven't been sympathetic, empathetic or if you feel that I haven't stood up for you when you felt excluded because of the color of your skin, your race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nation of origin or for any reason whatsoever, with one exception: being unkind.

I first heard what I'm about to say from my good friend, Bret. When we talk about what it must feel like to come to the gym when you may not feel you belong there, Bret said, "The moment you stepped through that door you won."

Think on that. The moment you arrive, you belong.

It has nothing to do with anything at all except that you have the will to show up. You may be white or black or overweight or skinny or maybe you walk with assistance; but so long as you come through that door, you are part of us.

Muscle-Nation is a place of extraordinary inclusion.

The moment you came to this website you are part of us.

The moment you came to this website you are part of Muscle-Nation.

Welcome, Muscle-Nation. You are part of us.

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2020년 6월 24일

What an amazing sentiment to say out loud. As soon as you show up trying to be a better you, by definition you are part of the team.

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