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Who needs a coach?

Everyone. (And I'm part of that.)

I'll expand: if you want to be better than you've been able to do on your own, you need a coach. There are coaches for everything: sports coaches; accountability coaches for sales teams; executive coaches for C-level business leaders; real estate coaches for realtors; voice coaches for actors...

And the best of the best use coaches. The best bodybuilders in the world use coaches. The top 6 at the Arnold Classic and at the Olympia use coaches.

A coach is the person who is going to keep you on track, remind you of your goals when you're simply going through the motions, help you create a vision and give you support to get there.

Maybe your coach is your trainer. Maybe it's someone remote and you send in your weekly progress pics for their critique. Maybe they review your meal plans. Maybe they recommend supplements.

I'm lucky. My coach is not only a friend of mine who gets me and knows what makes me tick, but he's also a competitor himself. He's been a trainer. He knows nutrition. He's close to my age so he gets what it means to train in your mid-40's.

So the question is simple and the answer is thus:

If you want to excel beyond where you've gotten alone, get a coach.

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