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I'm Here.

It's been over a month since my last post. August flew by and with it so did much of my stamina. Yeah, the guy who is supposed to motivate you was running on fumes.

I was making decent progress. My strength was up, my weight was up. I was still pretty lean, especially for bulking. But something was getting me down. Something has been getting everyone down.

The overall emotional atmosphere around the world has been absolutely terrible. I haven't felt this generally unhappy in 19 years. The wake of a terrible event and lack of rebound wore me out.

I was working out and eating, but my mindset was stagnant...and if you're not moving forward you're moving backwards.

Luckily for me we decided to take the last full week of August off from work and head on a secluded vacation. I stopped watching the news--why bother when it's so predictable. I stopped signing into social media--it's just a place of negativity. Please, bring back the posts about kittens, grandkids and food!

I took the week off of working out! And I took a week off from my diet! Well, kinda. I still had my lean ground turkey and rice but I had as much zucchini bread from the famous Morning Glory Farm ( as I could fit into my mouth! I even allowed myself to drink a few beers.

So where did that get me?

  • I'm softer now. Not my too much, but a week off will take two more weeks to get back to where I was.

  • I lost 5lbs. Was it a full 5lbs of muscle? I kinda doubt it. But it may have been 2-3lbs of muscle. And we all know it takes ferocious effort to build each and every muscle fiber.

  • I'm happier now. In addition to starting a consulting position for a person I admire and a company I truly respect,

And I've refocused on what I want.

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