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You Want Body Transformation?

So, you want to transform your body from dad-bod to a muscle-bound hunk your spouse will brag about. Or maybe you've had a few too many glasses (bottles) of wine during the quarantine and you want to look good in the swimsuit that made the boys stare ten years ago. We've watched season three of Stranger Things. We get it.

Body transformation isn't what you need to think and it's certainly not something you can do.

Woahhh, don't give up so fast. Here's the thing, fat cells cannot be transformed into muscle cells. It's not "transformation."

What you want to do is to lose fat and build muscle. This is important to understand because it will change your approach and ensure your success.

And a special note to the female audience: do not be afraid of building muscle. No, you will not suddenly look like a man. Even if you wanted to, it'll take a whole lot more than what you're going to do.

Muscle is your friend. Muscle, either lean, sinewy muscle or thick, round muscle is sexy. Muscle is what separates you from the herd. And what's more: muscle has nutritional needs. This is key because muscle requires calories for fuel in order to function and it requires protein for maintenance as well as for growth. And those calories that your muscles burn includes body fat.

Let me state this simply: the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to burn body fat.

So what do you need to do?

- Eat right.

- Hydrate.

- Cut down on the pinot.

- Try to get consistent quality sleep.

- Lift weights (free-weights and machines).

- Do moderate cardio two-to-three times a week.

Cardio is last on purpose. If you start eating right and you cut down (or eliminate) alcohol from your diet, you will lose body fat without increasing cardio. Your focus should be muscle growth. Cardio will take greater priority once you've plateaued in your fat loss.

Read my article on "How Do I Create A Diet To Lose Weight?" to learn how to create your diet.

This is crucial for you to understand, if you're operating in a calorie deficit and you're not giving your body what it needs to build muscle, you will lose muscle. Your body will sacrifice muscle by entering a catabolic state, breaking down muscle for energy BEFORE burning body fat. Less muscle means you'll need to do even more cardio to lose body fat. And what's more, you've lost all that hard-earned, sexy muscle.

Simply put: start turning heads at the pool by building muscle.

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