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Top 10 Gym Etiquette Rules

Yes, even gym-rats and lug-heads show respect to each other at the gym. And if you're not adhering to these simple rules, expect that other gym members are probably talking about you.

1) RACK YOUR WEIGHTS. Put 'em back when you're done with them.

2) Hygiene. Don't go to the gym when you stink. Wash synthetic fabric workout clothes with detergent and a cup of white vinegar. If you see people moving away from you when you're working out, take that as sign that you smell.

3) If someone is wearing headphones, it means they probably don't want to be disturbed.

4) Don't try to correct someone's form unless they ask for help, you know them well or they're seriously in jeopardy of hurting themself.

5) Wipe off the equipment when you're done if you're sweaty (or when gyms open back up after stay-at-home orders are relaxed).

6) No touching unless someone asks for a spot. Yes, I'm talking to the Silver-Sneaker females who love to squeeze my biceps. Talking = ok; touching = not ok.

7) It's ok to ask to work-in. You were taught how to take turns in nursery school. Now's your time to earn another gold star.

8) Make certain you're a safe distance from other people who are working out. I'm not talking about social-distancing. I'm talking about moving your bench by the dumbbells so that you don't bump into the person next to you when they're doing flies.

9) No supersets across the room and certainly not during high-traffic times. Don't get upset if you walk across the gym floor to your second exercise and by the time you come back to your first someone else is in your spot.

10) Don't sit on a bench or machine while you're on your iPhone. Yes, it's important to rest between sets so get up, stand up and to the side because it signals to other people that they can work-in with you.

These are the most important rules of etiquette. And if you're in doubt, just think about how you can be polite to others. Be friendly. Clean up after yourself. Take turns. It sounds like the advice I give to my four-year-old but surprisingly adults need to be reminded of this, too.

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Jun 05, 2020

To add to #1 -- rack your weights back in the RIGHT SPOT. It's so frustrating when weights are all over the place, especially if you're already trying to lift something that's a challenge to move.


May 28, 2020

#6 lmaoo love it

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