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Today Was A Shock

By Jennifer Strong

I know I gained some weight since this all started for me back in March. I decided to start a brand new plan with my nutrition and exercise. I borrowed my parents good rower and got new sets of resistance bands. My whole living room is set up as a little gym. I have a great plan for HIIT workouts, strength training and cardio. Then it sat there, untouched, as I tried to find my

motivation. Then I decided to put on the bikini and take very honest “Before” photos again. Took my measurements and checked my weight. That was my shock. I sat, looking at the photos and the numbers, and cried a bit. I faced it, and decided to move forward. I had moments of being angry with myself but then I stopped dead in my tracks. We are living in extraordinary times and a friend reminded me to stay constructive and that’s my focus.

Now that I took the photos the real work begins. It had to start in the kitchen for me. If that is in line, all else will follow with losing the fat I gained and resculpting the muscle I lost these past 3 months. Back to regular food shopping again and filling the fridge with all the good things. My workouts officially started up again too today. On the rower and a solid upper body workout. I feel good, I started. These past few months are nothing I will feel shame over or degrade myself for. My family and I were safe and healthy and that is what was important.

I will not say, “I should have.” I will stay constructive and look ahead and say, “I will.” I am strong, I am healthy and I will sculpt again what I had before and be even better than ever. I have started, my new journey has begun.

We'd like to welcome Jennifer Strong to Muscle-Nation and as a contributing columnist! We hope you enjoy Jennifer's articles.

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