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Mental Awareness: Winning vs Getting What You Want

As a bit of a departure from my usual topics, I'm going to delve a bit more into life lessons. To provide a bit of background, in addition to being a fitness professional I'm also a REALTOR licensed in Pennsylvania. I deal with six- and seven- figure negotiations on a daily basis, and along with that come myriad wants and needs from the buyers and sellers.

How do you navigate through a complex system of give and take?

Here's what I tell my clients: stop trying to win and start trying to get what you want. Just because the other party is asking for something doesn't mean that you should say no. Don't sacrifice the lamb for the wool. Instead, learn, listen and try to understand what the other party is trying to accomplish.

If you know what your adversary wants, you may find out that winning doesn't mean that the other side has to lose. It just so happens that for negotiations to take place you need to focus on your goals and not "getting your way."

And if what you want is to win (rather than accomplishing your goals), you sure as hell better be playing a game and not using that mentality in life.

Now get back to the gym. Workout hard. Eat smart. Treat everyone with respect.

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