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How Do I Start?

When I started competing and posting pics on Instagram and Facebook, I started getting a ton of questions about fitness and nutrition. Friends and strangers alike would ask me for advice on everything from meals to supplements to workout routines. But the question most often asked was simple: how do I start?

Remember this: anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who walks in that door to the gym has won. They’ve done it. They have done the one thing that separates them from the average person. And you can do it, too.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Read this blog post and the one on what makes a gym good.

  2. Go into your calendar and time-block 30 minutes to go visit a gym.

  3. Open a browser window and search for “Gym near me”.

  4. Look at the pictures, read the text.

  5. Do not think about it. (Your brain will do that for you.)

  6. GO. If you’re inclined to work out, great. If not, that’s ok.

The goal for now is to stop the analysis-paralysis and TAKE ACTION.

We’ll handle nutrition and all of the other things later.

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