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Hello All You Late-Night Listeners...

Go to sleep.

6-Days Out From a Competition

We all know it's important. It goes beyond just being able to wake up to hit the gym before work or surviving through the afternoon without propping up your eyelids and downing another cup of coffee.

Most people think REM sleep is the most important period, and it is for the brain, but Non-REM Sleep is crucial for our muscles. During Non-REM Sleep (aka slow-wave or deep sleep) which accounts for 40% of our normal sleep time three crucial functions occur:

  • Our brains rest and the blood supply increases to our muscles delivering more oxygen and nutrients.

  • We also process glycogen and glucose into muscle cells rather than other areas of the body (organs) during Non-REM Sleep.

  • Our bodies release higher levels of growth hormone from our pituitary gland, stimulating muscle tissue growth and fat-loss. Not enough sleep and our body decreases the amount of growth hormone released.

Want to increase your sleep time and overall quality of sleep, try these tips:

  • Stop drinking alcohol. (Yes, I know you hate it every time I say this.)

  • Have sex, but do it at least 30 minutes before falling asleep. The release of hormones and neurotransmitters will help you relax and decrease anxiety and troubling thoughts that plague many of us as we lay awake in bed.

  • Drink a protein (or amino acid) shake before bed.

  • Make sure you have a comfortable mattress.

Now go to bed.

And I'll see you in the gym tomorrow!

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